Tips & Tricks


Put leftover tomato and/or pesto sauce in silicone ice-cube trays and freeze! I get my trays at either Target or any craft store. Freezing your sauces will make your life so much easier and it is so convenient when you need it right away! After I freeze theme I put them into sandwich plastic baggies. I usually just use what I need and place in microwave for 40 seconds with a paper-towel over it and done! You will have your fresh pesto or sauce within minutes.

wS smell

If you want to make your kitchen smelling fresh and clean but simple, I highly recommend you use the William Sonoma kitchen essential countertop spray and hand soap! My Nana bought me the countertop spray a few months ago and told me it’s the best…and of course, she was right! I use it every night when I’m cleaning the kitchen. It gives the kitchen a fresh, vibrant scent to refresh and energize my kitchen and blends in naturally! My favorite scent is the Meyer Lemon or Pink Grapefruit!


This melting chocolate is my favorite because it’s the easiest and quickest. It melts in minutes and it hardens in seconds. This particular chocolate is perfect for dipping! Wilton’s chocolates comes in over a dozen different candy flavors. I started using them when I first started baking cake pops, it worked too perfectly!