Noom Review – A Way to Stay Mindful this Holiday Season!

       I recently downloaded the health fitness app “Noom Coach” and I love it.  I have downloaded similar apps like this before and this app by far has been the best and most effective. I feel like I had my own person coach with me every day because my coach named Nancy would check in with me and I would hold myself accountable for being sure I was logging my meals and exercising when I was able to. My coach is a Registered Dietitian–NOT a robot or some automated person behind all this like many health apps out there. She really inspired me to set my goals–I really wasn’t sure what I wanted my goals to be at first. I work full time, so naturally I always have goals to eat healthy and workout as often as I can. I primarily focused on my meals and tried to eat as healthy as I could. Since the holidays are here, there have been tons Christmas cookies and candies floating around my office all day along along!

This is how it works, when you use the Noom app, the data that you put in the app automatically goes to your designated coach. They are very prompt about responding to any questions or help you may have. They start coaching you right away from day 1 and work with you the whole duration of when you decide to use Noom. They give that you little push and support you may need when you need it! My coach was extremely interactive with me and checked in on me daily.

Another great feature of the Noom Coach App is it offers a Healthy Weight Program that can really help you get on track. It is a 16 week program and it provides you with weekly lessons. It provides participants to achieve and maintain a healthy weight through lifestyle intervention. This app will guide you through 16 weeks and in those 16 weeks, it helps participants develop health plans and physical activity habits. The weeks that really interested me are week 3- Nutrition Foundations because it’s so important to fully understand what nutrients our bodies needs everyday to stay healthy. Week 10-Advanced Dietary Recommednations- this is great because Noom has a grocery guide that provides tips for healthier cooking and it also provides recipes for any meal. There are also other aspects such as sleep and stress management that it promotes that can be very beneficial to many people. Changing your body starts by making a change and Noom has you covered by challenging you to get healthy and helping you achieve your health goals.

img_8030 This photo is to show you how my coach motivated me and gave me guidance and encouragement!

img_7991 I love this photo because it encouraged me to eat more fruits after logging my breakfast that day.

img_8029 This is an example of what my food that I logged—it’s great because it really makes you think about what you’re eating and if you are getting all the nutrients you need. It also lets you know how many calories you have consumed and how many more you should have! Noom uses a system called volumetrics, which isn’t solely about the calories that are in a food, but how calorie-dense a food is. For example, green foods (like a salad) doesn’t contain a ton of calories but can fill you up! Red foods (like a slice of cake or a steak, other red proteins) are really high in calories and don’t take up a ton of space in your stomach. Yellow foods are somewhere in the middle. Noom’s food logging really makes you understand a different perspective that can keep you on a healthy track.

img_8028 Another great feature of this app is the recipe page. If you are looking for something fresh and healthy—Noom offers plenty of great recipes.

If you are interested in Noom, click on the link here:

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