Strawberry Lemon Detox Water


Since the beginning of this new year, I’ve been into all kinds of detox waters and I can’t stop creating and making different delicious flavors..Not only does it taste good, but it makes me want to sip on it all day long!

All you need is
4 strawberries; chopped
half of a sliced lemon

Put into a mason jar, fill with water and refrigerate over night.


  1. Naomi Gradner says

    This is exactly what I was looking for 🙂 my parents just bought pounds of strawberries and we have a lemon tree in the backyard. This is totally perfect for me 🙂 Thank you!

    • kathrynmerc says

      Hi Naomi! You are welcome 🙂 you will LOVE this recipe, plus all of the health benefits. I’m sure it will be even more delicious with your fresh lemons.

    • Kathryn's Kitchen says

      I would add as much as you would like–depending on your preference in taste. If you want the water to be on the lighter taste, use less. It’s totally up to you! 🙂

    • Kathryn's Kitchen says

      Hi Ashley,

      Yes, it does! Most waters that are infused with fruits and lemons help boost your metabolism and help burn belly fat. It is best to sip on this all day long for best results. Thank you for trying it out and I hope you enjoy!

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